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Why did Akhil Akkineni and Shriya Bhupal split? Some possible reasons

Posted on: 2017-02-23 02:13:26

Akhil Akkineni and Shriya Bhupal had a grand engagement in December 2016. Then came the shocking news that their wedding had been called off. For the first time, the possible reasons for the split have come to light.
Actor Nagarjuna’s two sons, Akhil Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya, got engaged in quick succession between December 2016 and January 2017 and the Telugu star couldn’t have been happier.
However, much of that was short-lived after his younger son Akhil’s upcoming marriage to Shriya Bhupal, Hyderabad-based fashion designer and granddaughter of industrialist GVK Reddy, was reportedly called off.

The reasons behind the split of the high-profile celeb couple are coming to light. While the actual cause is still not known, speculations are rife about the recent development.
The couple was in a relationship for the last two years and last seen together at an engagement recently.
“They walked in together and looked very much in love. God knows what could have gone so wrong in a few weeks, but it’s sad,” an unnamed friend of the couple was quoted as saying in The Times of India.
Others added that not all was well for the couple after they were spotted having a huge fight at the Hyderabad airport recently.
“Initially, we all thought it’s just the usual lovers’ tiff ... But things haven’t been the same between them ever since, that’s for sure,” a source close to the Akkineni family said.
Some have been speculating that the age gap between 22-year-old Akhil and Shriya, who is 26, could have been the possible reason. Others said Shriya was unhappy that he wasn’t giving her the kind of time and attention she wanted. Yet others said Akhil simply got the jitters.
“He was anyway too young to be hitched. As the date was nearing he got scared about the whole thing. And this put pressure on the relationship.”
As per a media report, Nagarjuna and GVK even tried to counsel the young couple but to no avail.
Akhil and Shriya got engaged on December 9, 2016, and were to get married in Italy in May this year.

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